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The space between

I knew exactly how dire our situation was when a trauma counsellor was assigned to us. Each day she’d come to the intensive care unit and we’d excuse ourselves from Albie’s bedside and… Continue reading

The day I learnt too much.

It’s not the day of surgery that I need to purge, but day two. And there isn’t much I remember of the surgery day itself anyway. There is one shonky video of Albie… Continue reading

Why now?

When I was teaching GCSE history in London, we taught the origins and actions of World War One.  Big dirty topics of power and warfare, of trench foot and no mans land. It… Continue reading


Someone a while ago, told me about the Japanese practice of  kintsugi – where a cracked piece of pottery will be repaired, obviously, and explicitly, with gold.  Kintsugi recognises the beauty in the… Continue reading


I want to tell you about Nyah Rose. She’s my brother’s little miracle girl – and nine glorious months old now. I want to tell you about Richard and Jules too and what incredible… Continue reading

On breastfeeding in public in the UK

Okay – so this has sat in my drafts for FOREVER. I’ve resisted pressing ‘Publish’ because I don’t want to be seen as a ranter. But do you know what? Nothing changes if… Continue reading

CHD Week: What to ask at the twenty week scan.

I have a few regrets. And this is one. At our twenty week scan with Albie, we didn’t want to know if it was a boy or a girl, we just wanted to know… Continue reading

Fedora hats.

Our dear Fred turned six months a couple of weeks ago. Six months! I thought it would be fun to do Albie’s six month photo with Fred but I don’t think I will try… Continue reading


This first month with Freddy has been breathlessly easy. Don’t get me wrong, of course I am chained to the couch feeding him, and he has me up multiple times a night, and… Continue reading


That dream I hoped for – of coming home with a healthy child, is all ours. His arrival was different to what I thought it would be, imperfect as life always is. Maybe… Continue reading