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On breastfeeding in public in the UK

Okay – so this has sat in my drafts for FOREVER. I’ve resisted pressing ‘Publish’ because I don’t want to be seen as a ranter. But do you know what? Nothing changes if… Continue reading

The 10 best ipad apps for hospitals and airplanes and everywhere in between

I’m not going to shout from the hilltops about how awesome it is to plonk your toddler down in front of a screen – but by jingos, when the chips are down and… Continue reading

Special Needs Spotlight

This Little Miggy Stayed Home is a fantastic blog from a fantastic lady. Each Friday, she spotlights a child with special needs and (you can probably guess where I am headed here), last… Continue reading

Bottled Up: let’s change the formula

Bottled UP! is a documentary exposé about Breastfeeding in America. The mission of the documentary is not a small one –  to restore the Phenomenon of the Nursing Mother to the cultural landscape… Continue reading