(not so) hot August nights

Our tiny family is wonderful and we’ve had a lovely few months. We are so fine, in fact, that I’ve felt uncomfortable writing about our adventures here – like sharing our  lovely normal… Continue reading

Alberto, Frederico and Oskar do Italia.

 If sitting through someone else’s holiday snaps is your idea of torture, than I strongly suggest you back away now. For everyone else, hold onto your holiday hats people, this is going to… Continue reading

A ferry across the Mersey

This is bound to sound like some sort of bad travel writing, but, LIVERPOOL! I didn’t have too many pre-conceived ideas about Liverpool, but the ones I did have floating about were not all… Continue reading

The Great Harwood Spring Show

Our village had it’s Spring Show last weekend. It was pretty magic, having all the things a good agricultural show needs. Jousting, sheepdog trials, horse showing, pens and pens of sheep and cows,… Continue reading

Out of the mouth of Albie: Brotherly love

  Albie remains a keen, keen Lego man. He chats away to himself, usually at the dining table, whilst he builds complex machines and worlds that only he is party to. The other… Continue reading

Come get it bae

Albie isn’t blind in one eye after all! BOOM. A total result. After getting some pretty dire news from Specsavers we were referred to a child ophthalmologist at the hospital. This specialist appointment finally… Continue reading

One year Fred

Okay so this has been sitting in the drafts for ages now so I should just post it as it is {coughs} two months late…… It is so hard to believe that one… Continue reading

Speed bumps

Albie is growing into the finest of young boys. He is sharp and curious and funny. He says all sorts of wonderful things. I wish you could all spend some time with him.… Continue reading

Snow in the Lakes

I’ve got crazily behind on here and now there is this log-jam of things I want to tell you about – the magic time we had in the Lake District a few weeks ago, and York (again),… Continue reading

CHD Week: What to ask at the twenty week scan.

I have a few regrets. And this is one. At our twenty week scan with Albie, we didn’t want to know if it was a boy or a girl, we just wanted to know… Continue reading