Albie is all good

Albie came out of the shunt operation well. He is sedated at the moment, but the docs are pleased with where he is at. Taking advantage of Mr Wrigglesworth being comatose on morphine… Continue reading

Off to theatre

We are feeling a little bereft without Albie – he went into theatre this morning for his shunt operation. Will post an update about how it all went tomorrow some time. Thanks again… Continue reading

Albie’s starts a-smiling

Mr Wrigglesworth loooooves his Dad, and has decided that he should be the lucky recipient of all of his first smiles.  I appear to just be the milk machine 😉  Too cute though… Continue reading

The plan for this week

So the team have recommended that Mr Wrigglesworth gets a shunt put in place between the subclavian artery (that runs back from his right arm) to his lungs. The shunt is called a… Continue reading

Back to the Mother ship

We are back at Starship. Marcus noticed Mr Wrigglesworth was looking blue last Sunday afternoon, and when we got to the hospital his saturation levels were down around 60%. After a short stay… Continue reading

Welcome to….Holland?

I don’t know quite where to begin to explain the myriad of emotions that have flown around with the birth of our wee boy. We undoubtedly love him to infinity. He is wonderful.… Continue reading

Wrigglesworth at home

Tama and JJ meet the Wrigglesworth… And thanks JJ for these fabulous shots too:

Albie goes home!

After his balloon septostomy and recovery we were sent home to Wellington. Below is the email we sent at that time as we hadn’t set up this blog. We had been told that… Continue reading

Moving on up

Week two  – we move on up to the Cardiac ward and finally get to hold our lil’ guy without having to pass him back. He didn’t leave our arms!

Mr Wrigglesworth’s early days

Comfort – the only way we could interact Albie in the first few days. Impossibly hard. And some people had thought I was having twins! Ha! My belly was ALL cake it would… Continue reading